Next Doodle Art Workshop

My next workshop is Mindful art Doodling at the Health and Wellbeing College.

The workshop will be online, for more info please visit:

Image text taken from the Health Wellbeing College Prospectus Sept 2021- Aug 2022

Previous Doodle Art Workshop

A Doodle Artwork workshops, that was inspired by my love of Doodles. This workshop has been designed to boost wellbeing and creativity. I recently teamed up with Recreate Mossley to deliver these workshops. The workshops were funded via GMCA and Action together. From the poll data gathered, the participants reported an improved wellbeing benefit. The other most fantastic thing is the work produced by the individuals was amazing.

Please see below some of the brilliant feedback we received:

Photo Gallery of participants work from the Doodle Art Workshop

My Doodle Art Workshop is featured in this short film about Creative Wellbeing:

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